Lease or Purchase?

Our highly affordable leasing option is very popular. In fact, over 96% of our clients choose to lease. Even if you've never leased anything in your life, take a look at how our leasing option works. It's not exactly what you expect when you hear the word "lease."

Our Lease Option is Not the Norm

With a normal lease arrangement, say for a camera, you pay a monthly fee for the use of that camera over the entire term of the lease (typically 2 or 3 years). When the lease term is up, there may be a buy out option (in which case you have a 2 or 3 year old camera) or you may decide to lease another newer model.

For a low monthly fee, SuccessWare leasing gives you everything our software has to offer plus all upgrades as they're released. There's no need to wait until the end of some lease term to get the latest "model." And, you always have access to our outstanding support services on our toll-free 800 line. With leasing, you'll always have the latest and greatest version of SuccessWare and the peace of mind of knowing you can contact our support staff when you need to. That's like leasing a camera and getting each new model as it comes out plus expert support at your fingertips.

Leasing Costs Less in More Ways than One

Leasing SuccessWare actually costs less than purchasing. First, there's the much lower up-front cost. With leasing, you pay a one-time setup fee (single-user: $299 / multi-user: $599) which includes 3 jump-start setup calls with our support team to quickly get you and your staff fully up and running with ease. Second, your monthly fee, which entitles you to receive all upgrades and full support, is less than purchasers pay for the same thing (our Gold Subscription and Support Plan).

So you see, right from the start and over the long run, leasing keeps your software up to date — giving you the latest moneymaking and time saving features added to SuccessWare — for less than if you purchase and pay for yearly subscriptions.

If Leasing is so Great, Why Would Anyone Purchase?

You may wish to purchase for this reason: purchasing gives you a "perpetual" license. It allows you to use the purchased version of the software forever without paying anything more. However, it doesn't entitle you to upgrades or support after the first year. They have to be purchased separately. If you plan to never upgrade SuccessWare, or only upgrade once in a "blue moon," purchasing may be the choice for you.

However, as stated above, the vast majority of our clients choose leasing. They realize that it's smart to keep up to date with a software package that runs their entire business. In addition, they also know that they can purchase the current version at any time and their lease setup fee will be applied to the price. So, if you want to lease for a while and then purchase later, that's fine too.

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