Support Q&A

Q. How much support do I receive with my SuccessWare purchase?
A. SuccessWare comes with one full year of technical support on our toll-free 800 line and our support request form. If you lease SuccessWare, your support continues as long as you are in good standing.

Q. When does my SuccessWare support end?
A. If you purchased SuccessWare, your support ends on the one-year anniversary date of your original purchase.
If you lease SuccessWare, your support continues as long as you are in good standing.

Q. How can I receive support after my support ends?
A. Simply purchase a support plan. To do so, phone us at 800-593-3767 or order online.

Q. What if my support has ended and I believe I'm experiencing a technical problem with SuccessWare?
A. Our paid support services are meant for “how to” questions like “How do I create custom labels?” Support services are always free for those who are experiencing technical difficulties with SuccessWare. Simply phone us at 800-593-3767 or fill out our
support request form and we'll help you with your problem. Please note that “technical difficulties with SuccessWare” do not include problems caused by you, your staff, your computer system, or your network (viruses, hard drive malfunctions, system software problems, etc.). If you are experiencing any of these problems, you must purchase support services.

Q. What is the difference between the Bronze Support Plan and the Silver and Gold subscription plans?
A. The Bronze plan is available for all products and allows you to use our
support request form or to email technical support questions for 1 year. It does not include upgrades or phone support. The subscription plans are available for purchasers of SuccessWare and include all upgrades released during the subscription year as well as support. Choosing a subscription plan insures you will always have support and the latest SuccessWare software.

Q. What is the difference between the Silver and Gold plans?

A. For only $100 more, the Gold plan continues the same level of support that you received with your original purchase of SuccessWare. This includes technical support via our toll-free 800 line. The Silver plan entitles you to ask technical questions via our
support request form or to email only.

Q. If I purchase a subscription plan, are there any other costs involved?
A. No.

Q. By purchasing a subscription plan, do I have to renew it every year?
A. No. You may decide not to renew your subscription when your next subscription fee is due. However, you will not receive any of the benefits the subscription plans offer.

Q. If I decide not to renew my subscription, can I reenter the subscription program in the future?
A. Yes. If your subscription is less than one year past due, you have two options: pay the normal fee for the plan of your choice or pay the subscription plan reentry fee. If you opt for the former, your subscription year begins on the date your subscription was due. If you choose the latter, you receive the Gold plan and your subscription year begins on the date of your reentry purchase. This second option makes the most sense when your subscription has lapsed for several months and your next subscription fee is due soon anyway. If your subscription is more than one year past due, you must pay the reentry fee (which gives you the Gold plan and restarts your subscription date). For current plan prices and reentry fees, click here.

Q. Can I purchase upgrades separately?
A. Yes. If you do not receive free upgrades by purchasing a subscription plan, upgrades are available as they are released and may be purchased separately. For current upgrade pricing, click here.

Q. If I skip one or more upgrades, can I still purchase an upgrade in the future?
A. Yes. However, the price will be based on the current version that you own. The older it is, the higher the upgrade price.

Q. Can I receive upgrades automatically when they are released?
A. Yes. Simply purchase either the Silver or Gold Subscription and Support Plan. These plans entitle you to one full year of upgrades and support for one low price.

Q. When I upgrade, will there be a steep learning curve?
A. No. We are committed to upgrading SuccessWare by adding new features without changing the basic way the software works. Of course, minor user-interface details may need to change, but we strive to minimize their impact on current users. This way, each new version of SuccessWare will look and work very much like the previous version.

Q. I have more questions about all of this. How do I get them answered?
A. Phone us at 800-593-3767. We will be glad to help. If you're not sure about subscribing to SuccessWare, see Why Subscribe?

Q. How do I place my support order?
A. Simply phone us at 800-593-3767 or order online.

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