Success Stories

Here you can read the stories of how SuccessWare helped these prominent photographers become highly successful. The narratives are told by the photographers themselves and are filled with golden nuggets of photography-business (and life) wisdom. We'll be adding a new story each month, so check back to read more amazing tales of photography-business triumph. You can also read magazine articles and other short stories about our clients that have a wealth of great photography-business anecdotes and ideas.

Frank Donnino
Reacting to Adversity

Success did not come easily to photographer Frank Donnino, who today owns and operates one of the country's most financially sound portrait studios.
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  Jed & Vickie Taufer
Creating a Photographic Haven

As newlyweds, Jed and Vicki Taufer had never dreamt of owning a business: After all, Vicki, who had a degree in special education, was employed at a doctor's office, and Jed was working...
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Jeff & Julia Woods
In Search of Balance

There's hardly a married couple working in the portrait/wedding industry who hasn't heard of Jeff and Julia Woods. Many of these couples would like nothing more than to follow in their footsteps...
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  Carol Andrews
A Business Without Boundaries

It would be grossly inaccurate to view Houston portrait photographer Carol Andrews as being a victim of circumstances, in spite of the fact that fate has dealt both her life and career...
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Mary Fisk-Taylor & Jamie Hayes
A Profit-Producing Partnership

Jamie Hayes and Mary Fisk-Taylor, partners in Hayes & Fisk — The Art of Photography, an upscale portrait and wedding business in Richmond, Virginia, are a hot ticket on the lecture circuit.
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  Lori Nordstrom
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Jason & Tammy Odom
Turning Passion Into Profits

When you ask Alabama photographer Jason Odom to explain his studio's success, like many entrepreneurs, Jason states that success is about perseverance.
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  Susan Michal
From Musician to Photographer

As an LA-based professional vocalist and keyboard musician who performed throughout the country and abroad, Susan Michal quickly learned how to "work a room."
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Michael Redford
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  Sarah Petty
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Audrey Wancket
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  Sam Puc'
A Commitment to Success

Any review of a year in the life of Littleton, Colorado photographer Sandy (Sam) Puc' should come with a warning: "Don't try this at home."
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Magazine Articles and More Success Stories

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