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  Business Quick Tip

It pays to go out of your way to serve clients in ways they don't expect. Offering refreshments during planning and sales sessions is a touch of hospitality that elevates your image. Simple gestures, such as hanging up a client's coat, holding the door for clients, and helping them to the car with their packages, are expressions of your concern. In short, good manners are good business.

  “SuccessWare places our financial goals right in front of us. We know how many sessions we need to achieve those goals, and it shows us what action is needed to meet them. I tell my photographer friends that SuccessWare doesn't run our lives, it organizes our lives. And it keeps us motivated. Because you can actually see when you are achieving your financial goals as it happens, it creates energy and drive to keep you moving forward. You know exactly what to do next. SuccessWare is so much more than business software—it truly is an amazing management tool!”

Mary Fisk-Taylor
Hayes & Fisk
The Art of Photography
Richmond VA

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